Sprouts Yoga is real yoga taught in fun classes with child-friendly language. We use games, music and stories to learn poses, sequences and relaxation techniques.

“We love Sprouts Yoga because all of our children can participate and enjoy the benefits that yoga has to offer such as concentration, fitness and self-esteem. The way in which Lois engages the children and allows them to explore yoga through a fun and inviting program is a real privilege to witness.”
— Sam, Niño ELA



We offer yoga adventure classes for 1.5 - 7 year olds in our beautiful studio in Albert Park. Your child will learn real yoga poses through play, song and stories.

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We hold yoga classes in over 20 Childcare centres all over Melbourne!

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kids' parties

Balance the sugar-fuelled mania at your next kids' party with tools for relaxation in one of our yoga adventures.

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Classes for parents to join in the fun with their kids.
Great for parents at all stages of their Yogi journey and an awesome way for you to learn some poses to take away and play at home together. 

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“Sprouts Yoga is a fun, interactive program run by an amazing instructor. Lois takes the time to educate the children through interaction, songs and stories while incorporating physical movements. We love that Lois engages the children with ease, encourages participation and runs an educational program that supports each individual child.”
— Shae, Nido Early School
“There’s nothing else like it. It provides a safe place for confidence building.”
— Grace, Cherished Sprouts Parent
“Good for kids to focus, positive distraction to get children away from a screen for a much needed mindful interaction for your child to do.”
— Georgia, Cherished Sprouts Parent

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